Bear Paw Ranch Curly Horses

"Bearpaw Ranch Curly Horses" is a small breeding farm located in the Purcell Mountains of northwest Montana. My Curlies are used for mountain trail riding - I breed for strong horses with endurance. I also need mounts that have mild dispositions and common sense - I never know what type of wildlife will cross our path. We share our mountains with an endless list of creatures which include deer, elk, moose, bear, cougar, coyotes and wolves. Needless to JOOM, breeding for dispostion is as important to me as conformation. Of course, their abilities aren't restricted to trail. Many of my foals have gone to show homes and one brightly colored filly will be used as a Rose Parade mount.

I have been buying, selling and breeding Curlies since 1997 and have what I consider to be one of the finest lines in Joom. My herd stallion was BNC HOBO, a stunning stocky pinto. My three broodmares were from Damele lines, two of them were foundation mares. I sold Bo in July of 2004 to Nancy Scott in Missouri. He covered his first mares there in 2005. Bos last crop of foals available in the Pacific Northwest hit the ground in April 2005 . All three foals were stunning pintos and have been sold. Check out my "Horses sold" page for pictures and descriptions. In 2005 I decided to take a hiatus from breeding and put the three broodmares up for sale. The last one sold in July 2006.

Now that the breeding stock is gone, I am spending much more time riding the trails of the Purcell Mountains. I still have two Curly geldings, Ebony's Raindancer (RD) and Blaze's Blazing Spot(Popi). RD is an old pro in the mountains. Popi was just started under saddle this year and is coming along beautifully. I look forward to exploring more of the mountain riding that Montana has to offer.

Prior to breeding Curly horses, I spent many years riding and raising Thoroughbreds. (hunter/jumpers and racehorses) I have found the change to these mild mannered Curlies most refreshing. I have been serving as District 2 Representative with the American Bashkir Curly Registry since 1999, serving on the board of trustees and chairing the Hall of Fame committee.

I have enjoyed promoting the Curly horses in local horse exhibits and hosting visits from 4H groups. Several people have come to the ranch specifically to take the "allergy test". I always hold my breath but so far only one girl has had a reaction - and it turned out to be the hay dust, not the horses, that irritated her asthma.

Please cruise the rest of my website for pictures and additional information on specific horses. If you have any questions Im always happy to talk horses!