The following links will provide you with additional information. They also include extensive lists of other Curly organizations and breeders.

Curly Horse Registries
    • American Bashkir Curly Registry

    Established in 1971, ABCR is a "blood" registry. Foals must be from registered ABCR stock to be accepted into this registry.
    • International Curly Horse Organization

    This is a "coat" registry. Any curly coated horse will be registered regardless of pedigree.
Curly Organizations
    • Canadian Curly Horse Association

    Not a registry, it is an association founded by Canadian breeders, read more.
    • Curly Horse Rescue

    A group of Curly Horse breeders, owners and supporters who work to provide assistance to Curly horses in desperate situations.
    • Early Curly Breeders Association

    A group of Curly breeders who are dedicated to preserving the foundation Curly horse.