Photo Album

Marni on EBONY'S RAINDANCER "RD" (ABC-2237) RD is my trailhorse. He has feet like pizza pans and I don't think there's anyplace he wont go in mountains. I chicken out WAY before he does!

Genuine Montana Ranch Dogs: Black/white one is Odiemeister and the gold/white one is Duffy McGruff.

June of 2003. After the ABCR convention, Mike Conte and I joined Chuck Bispo for a ride from Ackerman Ranch to Dry Creek Ranch. 20 miles and still didn't see it all!

Time out for lunch at the spring. Chuck got a drink of water but said "It's not very good today, the cows must have been through here". LOL

Branding time at Dry Creek Ranch. April 2002. John roping off of Cinder. Peter and Tom Damele with Chuck Bispo's help handle the calf.

End of the day - Peter Damele wraps it up and heads back to the barn.

Marni riding EBONY'S MAY DAY "Daisy" (ABC-1134) owned by Tiffany Washington. This was taken at the 2002 Rose Parade.

Peter and Tom Damele - both are sons of Peter J Damele. Tom currently lives at Dry Creek and Peter at the family's neighboring ranch, Ackerman.

Marni riding the famous PEACOCK D (ABC-100) owned by Joyce Evenson. Taken behind the scenes at the Jan 2001 Rose Parade.

CHIHO, the baby burro, meets BNC HOBO (ABC-910F). Okay, Chiho's not a curly but she was way too cute to leave out of the photo album.

Picture of Marni on EBONY'S MAY DAY "Daisy" (ABC-1134f)at the 2001 Rose Parade. Daisy is owned by Tiffany Washington.

Wooly Bully, 18hh Curly Percheron owned by Jim Washington. Riders are Jim's kids Lawrence and Tiffany with friend Fernando.