Ebony's Raindancer

Gender: gelding  Date of Birth: May 24, 1997 
Height: 14 hh  Color: Bay 
Registration: ABC-2237  
Raindancer "RD" is an extreme and no doubt has the most personality on the ranch. He use to shed out bald every spring - then grow in a new summer coat. I've noticed that the older he gets, the less he balds. His mane and tail remain fairly scant. He loses the top of his tail but retains this huge poodle pompom on the end of it. He's quite a sight and everyone loves him. You can't miss him on the trail, that's for sure! We have harsh winters in this neck of the woods so, thank goodness, he gets a nice full thick winter coat of curls every year. He has great conformation but a mule head. Okay, he's not the prettiest horse I've ever owned but he's dynamite on the trails! He's also a great babysitter when the grandkids come over. Is he for sale? No siree......not for any price!