Bearpaw's Shooting Star "Shooter"

Gender: Filly  Date of Birth: April 14, 2000 
  Color: Sorrel  
Registration: ABC - 2731  
By BNC HOBO (ABC-910F) out of MEL'S LIL STAR (ABC-287F) Shooter had a very rough start in life. Her dam prolapsed during delivery and had to be put down. Shooter was taken to a Thoroughbred farm to be placed on a nurse mare. Unfortunatly, the only nurse mare available would not accept Shooter - could it have been the curls? They had to place the mare in a squeeze shute to allow the filly to nurse. During the night one of the other mares delivered a stillborn foal. They took the placenta, smeared it on Shooter, and introduced her to the new mare. The Thoroughbred mare, Knight's Choice, never questioned it. She raised Shooter as her own and the two of them became quite a tourist attraction. There was an extensive article about the incident in the April 2001 edition of Equus magazine. Shooter sold as a weanling to Joani Fernette-Cornell in Sarona, Wisconsin. Joani, Shooter and family have since relocated to Corvalis, Montana. Shooter had a foal of her own in the spring of 2004.