BNC Hobo

Gender: Stallion  Date of Birth: 5/07/89 
Height: 14.1h  Color: Dark Brn/Blk and White pinto 
Registration: ABC-910f   Pedigree
BNC Hobo "Bo" was my first herd stallion. He is from Canadian lines sired by Roy Olepeter and goes back to Skjonsberg stock. He has incredible bone and reflects a possible draft horse heritage in the size of his chest and rump. True to the Curly breed, he has always been a gentleman although a bit bashful. I've been crossing him with my Damele mares and all of the foals have been more refined. The foals maintain the bone and round rump but not the "draftyness" of their father. I sold Bo in July of 2004, to Nancy Scott in Missouri. She has a very specific breeding program in mind and we are all anxious to see what she produces. Before leaving for his new home, he covered all three of my mares. My last crop of "Bo Babies" arrived in April 2005. As expected, I got lots of color and curl. All three foals have been sold. See "Horses Sold" for pictures and more information